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A revolutionary frame

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Who is the DABSO acoustic decorative frame designed for?

Private or professional, our acoustic innovation is for everyone.

How to configure your frame?

4 steps of a rare simplicity

Acoustic problem?

We have studied a unique, ecological and easy to install frame that solves all your resonance problems.

A room that resonates, offices where many speakers speak at the same time :

These cases are encountered by thousands of people every day. Current solutions are too expensive and difficult to implement. Our engineers have therefore thought and designed a framework with exceptional acoustic properties. At frequencies 500 and 1000Hz (human voices - children's voices - music), the DABSO frame has a total absorption (αw = 1.00).

In other words, the DABSO frame has an absorption of 82 to 100%. Its performances allow to solve definitively nuisances such as echoes, resonances of children's screams, music, etc. No other decorative acoustic frame offers such results.

Choose your canvas from our gallery or by importing your favourite photo!